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03-17-2013, 09:41 AM
Short Term:

1. Star Trek Enterprise Away Mission Uniforms (i.e. Away Team Jacket, Away Team Desert Outfit, Away Team Winter Coat, Environmental Suit, M.A.C.O. Combat Uniform).

2. Star Trek Enterprise Admiral Uniform, Dress Uniform.

3. Star Trek Vulcan Outfits (i.e. ST Enterprise Vulcan Starship Uniforms, Monk Robes, Ambassador Robes).

Medium Term:

1. Star Trek Enterprise NX Class Bridge and interior (Considering that every new starship being released has it's own bridge designs include (i.e. Ferengi, Jem'Hadar, Andorian) it begs to wonder if a Constitution Class interior set was made why not one for NX Class?

2. Duty Officer Missions with Reputation rewards (i.e. Romulan Marks and Omega Marks).

3. New Duty Officers: Linguist/Communications officer; Stellar cartographer; and Intelligence officer to consider.

Long Term:

1. Additional starship customization both external and internal (i.e. Engine Room, Mess Hall, Sickbay, Captain's Quarters, Ready Room).

2. Separate bank for Tribbles and Epohh to encourage breeding and collecting.

3. Andorian Ushaan ritual