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03-17-2013, 10:25 AM
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I have managed service desks for over 15 years. The lack of follow up and communication with customers is probably the worst I've seen in the history of EVER! Logged in friday because I made my mind up to get a llifetime membership. The service over the past 3 days has successfully changed my mind to not do this ever. - Not trying to flame . . . just a reminder that lack of support to customers has impact.

Agreed, I manage two NOC teams in real life. It doesn't matter if the trouble is on their end, or one of circuit providers (which is what it appears, given the symptoms and the ping plots I've run with an average of 20% PL and periods of 100% PL from the last two hops which are Cogent). it's their problem as visible to the end consumer. If I treated my clients like this, with no updates, no acknowledgement and no urgency, I'd be out of a job faster than you could spit.