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03-17-2013, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by grouchyotaku View Post
Static routes is only of use if you are connected to multiple ISPs simultaneously, which is not applicable to the vast majority of STO users...

The only groups that have the ability to influence the Internet route declarations, is Cryptic/PWE through their Internet gateway declarations, and local ISPs through their peering relationships with the Internet Backbone providers...

(Which implies, that in addition to complaining to Cryptic/PWE to 'fix' their gateway, you can also complain to your local ISP to find a less congestive route to the STO servers)

Thank you for showing that you don't know TCP/IP nearly as well as you think you do.

Now, since you can't and won't do anything more helpful than spam the same thing over and over in this thread, would you please do those of us who are having issues and trying to keep heat on PWE/Cryptic to fix what they have acknowledged is their problem a favor and just stop?