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*Sanders eyes burn with anger, before Danny gets knocked down when Sam punches him in the face, hatred in her eyes. Sanders puts himself between the two.*


*T'mar drags Sam away, and Sanders just looks down at Danny.*

Listen to yourself. We had a solution to that, Danny. Preston didn't listen.

We had a solution that would have bought a lasting peace - and ended all of this, without the sacrifice of innocent lives!

That's the difference between you and me. I fight for what I believe in. I follow Captain Allington, because I know that she knows what she's fighting for - and I know what I'm fighting for.

You? You're fighting for what Preston tells you - what he wants you to believe you're fighting for.

You want this to stop? Tell your men to stop shooting. I'll do the same. There's been enough killing today.
Danny: Your an idiot... all of you are... Do you honestly think anything is what it is with this guy...

I know he is no better... Your solution has still the same idiots that caused all of this mess... It will come again... and you damn well know it... All of you do.. Ideology all the same just want things stuck in a way you know. Instead of something better. I don't fight for the corrupt mad man... I fight for what I believe in.. Not a system... unlike you... I woke up Sanders.. Which is what all of you need to do..

I won't fight you.. No.. As a matter in fact I am leaving this god forsaken place.. This place is not what it seems to be to you...