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03-17-2013, 01:03 PM
How to continue to monetize STO while increasing the level cap and without adding another tier of ships: ship customization.

Warp Cores, Heavy Armor, Secondary Deflectors, Computer Upgrades, etc, etc, etc.

Where based on some previous comments, the Warp Cores and Computer Upgrades would be available to all ships - Cruisers(ish) would get Heavy Armor and Science Vessels(ish) would get Secondary Deflectors. Escorts(ish) already having DHCs, would not get a specific alternate upgrade. Of course, it's not that neat since there are hybrid vessels and non-Escorts that can use DHCs.

Still though, that particular discussion aside - I'm wondering if Geko's been playing EVE, eh?

Warp Cores and Computer Upgrades? Will we be looking at powergrid and CPU?

Is it going to be some form of EVElite? One need only take a quick look at the EVE Ship Equipment in the Item Database - to get a gist of where all of this could go, no?

The STO Hurricane, eh?

8 High Slots (4 Fore/4 Aft Weapons)
6 Low/4 Med Slots (10 console slots)
Powergrid (Warp Core)
CPU (Computer Upgrade)
Upgrade Hardpoint (Heavy Armor)

Looking at redoing some of the STO consoles - all sorts of goodies to go in those Low/Med/High Slots, eh? Don't forget Crafting Rep and all those wondrous blueprints/recipes?

With it being STO and not would have to be more Pakled than spreadsheet... but is that where things are heading, eh?

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