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03-17-2013, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Unfortunately, I think these days Cryptic wouldn't be satisfied with simply selling ship skins. At least not at what we would consider a reasonable price, it'd the EV suit all over again!
Absolutely agree. They started down that path of selling ships and each new ship needs something special so there's no real turning back.

Still back then, back when we were all far more innocent, I bought new uniforms like nobody's business. And new bridge packs. And new ship skins. So I could customize my looks. A lot of folks did that. Heh.

When he talked about the Regent not selling as well as expected... it really shows how metric-centric Cryptic has become. They aren't even considering what the playerbase might think or want and are focusing purely on past behavior.
Yeah, they kind of seem to miss the bigger point about the Reagent. The Excelsior already existed. As did a zillion Cruisers (with the Ambassador still on the way). I wouldn't expect a small upgrade to the Assault Cruiser to sell well that long after the Excelsior already made the Assault Cruiser a middle of the road option. People who had the AC might buy it. But by that time so many people already moved past the AC. And those with an Excel wouldn't have needed it at all.

We're now firmly on this path, and Geko does have to come up with something. Armor slots? It's an idea I guess. But it doesn't really address the overall problem. Just the short term one, which is the one I guess is more important to the company (more sales).