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Difficult Encounters: The final thing required for a trinity is that the combat encounters must be brutally difficult as to force the players to specialize if they wish to win. The DPS will die in ten seconds or so to the damage, the tank would take five minutes to kill a monster, and the healer has both of those problems. Many games accomplish this by applying a template to monsters drastically increasing their damage and hit points but not their level.
This is something that I've found to be somewhat quirky about STO. While I'm no fan of the Trinity, gear progression, etc, etc, etc... STO is pretty quirky about it.

In a "typical" MMO - you have Dungeon X you run until you gear up to run Dungeon Y you run until you gear up to run Dungeon Z you run until you gear up to run Raid A you run...etc, etc, etc.

In can complete the optionals in any of the ESTFs with your mix of green, blue, and purp Mk IX/X/XI gear from just leveling up. You don't have to run STF X so you can run STF Y so you can run STF Z so you can run ESTF A so you...etc, etc, etc.

Yet, there is STF gear. Mk X, Mk XI, and Mk XII. You don't need it to complete it. By farming for the gear, you can farm the ESTFs faster (more efficiently) - but that's so you faster. It's a way to get Dil, make some ECs, etc.

I think I saw you ask in another thread if there was a major change in the dev team at some point, because there are several things like this. There's a gear progression - but there's not a gear progression. There's the Trinity - but there's not the Trinity. Etc, etc, etc...

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