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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*He takes a sample of the substance into a nullentropy casing.. and slips it into Sam's pack..*

James: Come on Sam... *Takes her by the arm and leaves the room before her visions get worse... * Sees she is not getting better... he places his hand on her head and tries to shake her out of it...*

James: *come on sam its only temporary... you weren't exposed that long...*
OOC: In this case, it wasn't her being in that room.

*In the Reactor Room, Ryan is distracted for a second.*

Ryan: Sam...


*Sam's mind. The eyes are still surrounding her, as are images of death, fire, destruction. An ashen Khitomer, Deis II burning, the R.S.S. Titan burning in space. Suddenly, she sees a figure approach, with red eyes and black skin.*

Figure: Can you see it, Captain?

It will be glorious.

*Sam looks away, completely overtaken by fear.*

You'll see. I'll show you.

Sam: Get... get away!

Figure: The Guardians are getting involved. I have to move up our timetable.


*He stretches a hand out to Sam.*

Join us.

Sam: No... no... NO!

*Her eyes flash white as she wakes up, panting heavily, sweating with fear and terror. She hugs James as she starts crying.*
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