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03-17-2013, 03:41 PM
Worst bunch I've seen in a few days.

There I was.

I had just selected CSN.

Countdown was to 5 seconds.

Power goes out.

The game dropped but I'm on a battery backup so the computer and internet didn't.

I grab a glass of Dr Pepper.

I reboot STO and figure I'm not going to be in a game so I let it verify the files.

This takes a few minutes.

The game boots and low and behold, I'm in the CSN.

Six minutes of the STF have gone by.

I see four ships at the Kang.

I think 'Oh Goody.'

I fly right and none of the nodes had been touched.

I start killing nodes.

Now all four of the other ships come to the cube and start shooting.

Three have Rainbow/Technicolor beams and one has Skittles.

I think, 'Oh Goody.'

I see the Kang is swarmed.

I fly in and kill all the Borg and send the Kang a heal.

The Kang is at 79%.

I fly back and continue on the first cube.

All four of the other ships follow a BOP back to the Kang.

First cube dies and I fly to cube two.

One of the nodes is already dead.

I kill the others with no help and start on the cube.

Time is down to 5 minutes.

All four of the other ships show up and start on the cube.

The Kang is again swarmed so I fly back and kill the borg.

I heal the Kang and fly back to the Cube.

I kill the cube.

All four of the other ships follow a Raptor back to the Kang.

I fly to Cube 3.

We're down to just under 3 minutes.

All four of the other ships are working on the spawn from Cube 3.

I get the cube down to 3 nodes and holler, 'A Little Help Here!'

No responce.

All four are chacing the Borg Spawn which is nowhere near the Kang.

We're down to 1 minute and I say, 'HELP AT THE CUBE!'

No responce.

I can't save the optional, out of time.

I kill the cube and hail the Kang.

All four are still working on the two Warships.

I type, 'If you don't know what the Priorities are, DON'T DO STF's. And lose the stupid Rainbow/Technicolor Beams!'

No Responce.

We kill the carrier.

I type, 'Worst bunch I've seen in Days...'

No Responce.

The good part?

I somehow picked up 25 Omega Marks and a Borg NP.