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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Yeah...and Alyosha has made it pretty clear what will happen if he ever catches up with Drake again.

The thing with the Academy, though, was that IMHO the institution was corrupt before the war began. TNG's "The First Duty" (which is our first look into Academy corruption) occurred before the war. I find myself thinking of these schools in our time, to include military academies, where there are secret societies, authorities turning a blind eye to hazing and abuse, and similar things. I suspect the Academy to be the same thing.

I also think Alyosha's experiences there are an additional reason he chose the science track. He saw that the worst of the corruption was focused on what was back then the command track (as opposed to STO's tactical track). He wanted nothing to do with things like Nova Squadron or Red Squad.

I think a culture change happened in Starfleet, though, sometime on the Path to 2409 ( ). I wish we'd seen more about it, but it seems that Starfleet eventually realized that commanders of many backgrounds could be capable starship commanders, and allowed them to keep their department colors even in the big chair. Have I missed where that's addressed in STO's lore? I would be curious to see it if it has.
That's a good point about the Academy having its own frat-like societies, and how dissolving the command track could have helped break their hold on Starfleet's culture. I wonder if Voyager was an early step in that direction, and the inspiration for that mechanic in STO: the show emphasized Janeway having been a science officer, and they described Voyager itself as a science ship (and, in the same time frame, the Defiant as a tactical ship), as opposed to the Enterprise as a ship-of-all-trades.

It's easy to imagine how, with that sort of specialization already emerging and with command cliques like Nova Squadron causing disastrous scandals, and with the Federation already moving toward a more versatile culture with the dual citizenship program and flexible uniform requirements (for more Zen shop costu... I mean, to reflect a greater tolerance for different cultures ), the decision to let any career track segue into a command role based on merit alone would become the norm.

More reading done...

@jonsills: Talk about your motley crew! Very colorful dialogue, I love how Grunt and Vovenek poke fun at their own cultural stereotypes, and the running gag of our low-level captains always getting the oldest and most itty-bitty ships in the fleet. With the title I was worried they wouldn't make it out alive at all - I'm glad they did, since Grunt and the gang sound like fun!

@designationxr377: Barclay, the Next-Next Generation! Cute, funny, great punchline at the end about practically every crew in the quadrant being disguised now, and very in the spirit of the original Reg. There's so much focus in Trek on the Iconian gateways that I'd forgotten about the virus aspect, and your story made a nice use of it to explain the chaos Amanda unleashed.

@marcusdkane: Some surprisingly mature marital issues presented, it's great to see Seven's return, and the Vulcan cultural touches are so authentic as to leave us humans feeling a little like outsiders. The climax is very exciting and cleverly resolved - and ha, there are sonic screwdrivers in the Federation according to Memory Alpha! You learn something new every day...

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