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gear progression
The math behind gear is actually one of the few things they have done very well on. Actually the math in general aside from a few quirky mechanic interactions is rock solid for one really simple reason.

It is all additive. In most games your stuff all multiplies. If you get upgrades of +10 on three pieces it ends up being 10 x 10 x 10 where as in STO it ends up being 10+10+10 simply put. In addition it does not allow you to modify some values beyond a set threshold like bonuses to hit points for hull. Other systems operate independently from one another to avoid multiplicative stacking as well, for example equipping a field generator (+shield total) has no effect on the passive shield regeneration value.

Fortunately for Cryptic most of the players lack the understanding of the math which allows items to sell. Take the purple Mk 12 tac consoles for instance that add a truly pathetic amount of damage compared to the far cheaper purple Mk 11, or even blue Mk 11 really. Yet they sell for a ton. This drives the 'progression' mentality that makes them money as people buy lockbox keys to sell for the EC to get the 1% boost.

Other things though, like the Maco +10% universal resist is extremely powerful and worth far more than the single [Reg] mod it sacrificed for it and show real power creep. But those are the exception not the rule.

And that is another reason I think a team swap happened. Those romulan +Crit boffs/Rep bonus/Console really changed the face of DPS and are why it has skyrocketed this most recent season. They represent a shift in the design approach and I fear what silly stupid power creep we will see next time.

But really once again this just reminds me of the good old school ARPGs like Diablo 2. Getting geared enough to beat the game/farm was not that difficult and the math was mostly additive. Diablo 3 on the other hand, lets just say that game is the best example of why * is dangerous in game math I have ever seen.

As for the randomness of the system design I'm going to place the blame squarely on Gozer leaving. Content creation and character design are tightly linked and dependent on one another. I would bet even if Gozer had little direct control of the systems team he was still used as a sound board and/or for advice. Only thing that makes sense. Was Gozer gone when they did the weapon power mechanic change way way back?

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