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Worst bunch I've seen in a few days.

There I was.

I had just selected CSN.

Countdown was to 5 seconds.

Power goes out.

The game dropped but I'm on a battery backup so the computer and internet didn't.

I grab a glass of Dr Pepper.

I reboot STO and figure I'm not going to be in a game so I let it verify the files.

This takes a few minutes.

The game boots and low and behold, I'm in the CSN.

Six minutes of the STF have gone by.

I see four ships at the Kang.

I think 'Oh Goody.'

I fly right and none of the nodes had been touched.

I start killing nodes.

Now all four of the other ships come to the cube and start shooting.

Three have Rainbow/Technicolor beams and one has Skittles.

I think, 'Oh Goody.'

I see the Kang is swarmed.

I fly in and kill all the Borg and send the Kang a heal.

The Kang is at 79%.

I fly back and continue on the first cube.

All four of the other ships follow a BOP back to the Kang.

First cube dies and I fly to cube two.

One of the nodes is already dead.

I kill the others with no help and start on the cube.

Time is down to 5 minutes.

All four of the other ships show up and start on the cube.

The Kang is again swarmed so I fly back and kill the borg.

I heal the Kang and fly back to the Cube.

I kill the cube.

All four of the other ships follow a Raptor back to the Kang.

I fly to Cube 3.

We're down to just under 3 minutes.

All four of the other ships are working on the spawn from Cube 3.

I get the cube down to 3 nodes and holler, 'A Little Help Here!'

No responce.

All four are chacing the Borg Spawn which is nowhere near the Kang.

We're down to 1 minute and I say, 'HELP AT THE CUBE!'

No responce.

I can't save the optional, out of time.

I kill the cube and hail the Kang.

All four are still working on the two Warships.

I type, 'If you don't know what the Priorities are, DON'T DO STF's. And lose the stupid Rainbow/Technicolor Beams!'

No Responce.

We kill the carrier.

I type, 'Worst bunch I've seen in Days...'

No Responce.

The good part?

I somehow picked up 25 Omega Marks and a Borg NP.
Isn't it interesting how so many noobs seem to be unable to communicate at all? Their names, fleet names, ship names are obviously customized, and typically in English. You know that they have language skills and their brain is probably not completely lobotomized, yet they suddenly lack language skills during a game. Not sure if they're completely trolling and deliberately wasting everyone's time or if it's just how noobs roll.