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Speaking of lit-crit darlings, I've been a fan of Iain Banks ever since The Wasp Factory, so I chortled with glee when this acknowledged Bold New Voice In British Literature came out with his first Culture novel, Consider Phlebas, an absolutely unabashed space opera. Banks has had a huge positive influence on the genre. So has Christopher Priest - I don't care to play his games with the "unreliable narrator", but his lucid and unpretentious style has a lot to commend it, as have his ideas. I can still remember the way my head felt, when the incredibly convoluted story of The Affirmation finally clicked and made sense. Priest can be a lot of work, but he's worth it.
I'll be honest, I've only read one thing of Banks'-- Matter-- and I think I stopped halfway through before I got distracted by China Mieville. His writing style isn't bad, but in all honesty, some of his descriptions-- particularly on the Culture half of the novel-- confused the hell out of me.

I think a culture change happened in Starfleet, though, sometime on the Path to 2409 ( ). I wish we'd seen more about it, but it seems that Starfleet eventually realized that commanders of many backgrounds could be capable starship commanders, and allowed them to keep their department colors even in the big chair. Have I missed where that's addressed in STO's lore? I would be curious to see it if it has.
That sounds like as good an explanation as any to me. Although as has already been pointed out, there's such a large gulf of time between Voyager and Star Trek Online, so there's probably quite a lot that we're missing. I strongly suspect, however, that a lot may be tied in to some of the Star Trek novels that have been set post-Voyager. The fact that Peter David's Mackenzie Calhoun has made a cameo is a good indication that the writers of STO paid attention to the novels, at least.

Anyway, got more reading done:

@khayuang: You've enticed us all with a great intro to your story. I'm still waiting for the rest of it, though.

@sparklysoldier: And yet another lengthy but satisfying piece from you! I like your use of flashbacks to establish the relationship between Nyzoph and Corspa, and like the further exploration you made of Azera and the relationships she has with her crew. Although, like everyone else, I was a little confused by a Bajoran joining in a telepathic conversation. Still, great job!

@marcusdkane: Finally got around to reading yours, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Aside from my surprise at certain cameo appearances, the pacing and action were both handled quite well. Though now, between your story and GulBerat's, you're making me imagine more and more what an assimilated Highlander-style immortal would be like...

@cmdrscarlet: Not much that I feel I can say, given how short your piece was. Still, it was a very nice "introduction" to your Captain and ship, so I liked it.

@jonsills: That is it. I demand more adventures of Captain Grunt and his crew. I love the idea of the unluckiest/greediest Captain in all of Starfleet, and the way he seems to bend Starfleet rules to his advantage.

@designation377x: Amanda Barclay actually reminded me a lot of someone I know in real life, who is just as hyperactive and stuttery. I actually had to force myself to superimpose Reginald Barclay's own awkwardness in there instead to weaken that association. Very nicely written, and it makes me oddly happy to see that the Barclay line is still giving Starfleet a headache several decades later.