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03-17-2013, 05:21 PM
The only issue I had was the first time I tried to charge zen a few months ago to add zen to my STO account. I had never charged anything before and never bought anything in the 3 years because I would just save up my lifer points.

this time tho i needed soemthing up front so I purchased game cards which were available 24/7 at walmart and 7 eleven. I redeemed those cards on their website under my account and then the next time I charged something it went thru perfectly fine because I guess they saw I was serious about buying. I dunno. The first time it was denied because they claimed it was my bank which it wasn't because my bank calls me when I make international purchases they don't autoblock them from the UK.

I dunno what to suggest to you, perhaps get on the horn and talk to someone at PW about it or if you're just buying Zen to use in the store just get those cards and redeem them it took five minutes for me.