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03-17-2013, 05:50 PM
My "Starbase" is startin to look a little like a nightclub/Mayc's hybrid, with recycled furniture, a tribble infestation and a bunch of very rude NPCs that will knock you down without even looking at you,....even though you out rank them.

And then there's this big sink hole in the floor that maintenance needs to look at too.
All my dilithium and I think about half of my fleet mates have fallen into it........

Can we please have something EPIC for the next project? I don't know, something awesome and technological. Something like a window overlooking to a repair bay with damaged vessels in it. Or a huge display showing a Borg Cube schematic, or some awesome battle or something. Maybe have the starbase go to tactical alert now and again.

These current projects are a little too like the equivalent of window treatments to me.

I swear, If Martha Stewart sets foot on my starbase, I'm vaporizing her ....
New Rule: Please refrain from naming your starships after reproductive acts, or bodyparts. Nothing says I'm still a virgin more.