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Originally Posted by cozzybc View Post
Anyone had any luck making these more tanky.

I am running 5 cannons up front all fleet plasma
romulan torp (for rom set bonus) and turret.

3 piece XII Borg Set.
Borg Console
Rom Console
Monotanium (the all energy one, cant remember the name)
Shield 17.5% console
then 5x Plasma energy damage consoles.

I do the usual tact teams x2, I have extend shields, hazard emitter and emergency to shields to live, but I do die a lot, and want to change this if I can.

I do plenty of damage and just want some advice on staying alive really, besides getting Elite Shields once my fleet hits tier 4 science.

Well the borg shield on an escort is going to get you killed a lot. I would dump that for an Maco if you have it... Resilient shield if you don't. The fleet ones are popular obviously... but really even a mk xii [cap] one of the exchange is going to hold up better then the borg. You don't have enough capacity on that shield... and the regen... you should never be running very high shield power on an escort all the time... just bursts of high power to boost resists now and then.

Extend shields doesn't help you any on that ship so you don't want that on there.

You will likely want to make sure as well that you are running attack pattern omega... and perhaps delta.

If you have AP doffs... Omega 3 + Delta 1...

If you don't have the AP doffs... consider putting 2 copies of Omega 1 on there with a delta 1.

Then just make sure your flying smart... stay out of arcs... be willing to use evasive if you mess up and end up in another escorts forward arc. Also make sure you never forget to hit your BFI, the second your shields are getting close to going down. It really can save your butt.
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