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03-17-2013, 07:55 PM
1. The ability to have orion bridges on orion ships. It makes no sense that they would choose to redo their own bridge to look like that of people they barely tolerate. (same for every racially specific ships)
2. An ability to search the exchange BY FACTION, so i don't have to sift through 100 fed officers to find one kdf one.
3. A federation Orion char choice (possibly with Zen). It'd just be fun, its probably not happening but a girl can dream right?

Oh and I have one more:
The uniforms from the alt 2250s. Idk how the legality would go (idk how copyrights work if they are different for the abrams one or not) But I think my fed characters would look really cute in those short sleeved ones. With that also the short sleeved tng ones
1. some kind of stand in for the pixel shader for those of us with older computers. I have no idea how that would work but I can't see trill spots and it makes me sad and very confused haha.

2. more long female hairstyles! Come on cryptic! I want curly orion hair like 98% of the orions in the show!!! Pleeeeassse!!

3. make a ship? some kind of thing to design a vessel like you design an alien. sure It may be a frankenship but It may be cool. parts of rare ships could appear if you own one perhaps.

Long term:
1. Perhaps some kind of reputation thing for KDF players and choices for marauding and Klingon missions and the fed could have section 31 etc. where if you do more dishonorable missions the klingons act meaner to you etc. I hate to hear how honorable i am after I just sold my crew and framed two houses. Doff missions could count too. It'd be interesting to have different paths like freelancer.

2. More visitable planets. Even if there isnt much there (i hope there would be) but I wanna go to bolarus and ferenginar, betazed, Orion colonies, trill etc.

3. n general and more love for kdf. We are people too you know! and I wanna fight federation ships much more often. Maybe alterations to dialogue in cloned missions so it doesnt look like everyone thinks your starfleet.
WANTED ZINO- Orion princess.
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