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So, I have a conundrum. In most games, I generally prefer playing support: Healing, buffs, debuffs, etc. Putting aside that in this game, my DPS is crap and debuffs don't seem to have any meaningful effect, I still like flying SCI ships anyway. I've only been playing the game for a couple months, and it's taken a while to figure out that my current BOff powers and personal abilities weren't chosen very wisely (All offense/defense, and YAY full driver coil! *facepalm*). My build choices for now helped me get through the solo content, but I'm having a hard time making meaningful contributions in group content, and would like to amend that.

My current ship is the Reconnaissance Science vessel. It has LT and Ens Tac stations, a LT Eng, and a Commander and Lt-Com Sci stations. I've been mulling over getting one of the fleet science vessels (Either Recon, Nebula, or Intrepid class), but I'm having a hard time figuring out if I really want to trade what little offensive power I have for more science abilities, or if I should spend all my effort at getting an upgrade that simply consists of a few more HP and an extra Eng console slot. What do you guys think?

Also, what Sci abilities should I look at getting? Right now, my Commander BOff has Jam Sensors, Feedback Pulse, Scramble Sensors, and Viral Matrix. My LT Comm has Hazard Emitters, Sci team 2, and Photonic Officer. These abilities are great in solo play, but don't do a whole lot of good in group play/Fleet events/STFs. The heals don't seem to heal enough, the sci/eng team powers force a cool down on each other, and the debuffs, like I said, don't seem to have any meaningful effect. On a related note, my Engineer has Eng Team and Remodulate Shields (or whatever the power is that absorbs 1% of damage >_>), so I'd probably like to switch that up, too.

In addition to that, depending on what powers I end up with, how should I respec my captain? I obviously need to NOT put points in Driver Coil (at least not up to max), but as you know, all the different SCI abilities take their modifiers from different skills and... yeah. In other words, if you tell me to swap out powers A, B, and C and get powers X, Y, and Z, let me know what skills I need to train up to make the best use of those powers.

Thanks in advance, and sorry of that was long-winded =)