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Sadly, cmdrskyfaller is pretty much right, unless it's even worse (because those heals aren't really that great either).

At the moment the one fairly good offensive sci power is Gravity Well, which can do a very good job of slowing down the groups of advancing ships so frequently encountered in STFs. Unfortunately you can only really use one of those (it has a 60 second CD, additional copies have 40 seconds), so you'll need other things. Energy Siphon is getting popular these days, it's an ok debuff (about as good as any left for sci) and pretty decent self-buff. Photonic Shockwave would be a pretty good power if it weren't so badly bugged, as it is it basically does nothing. Tyken's Rift can sort of be ok, the power drain is negligible, but it will lock down HY Plasma torps. Both Charged Particle Burst and Tachyon Beam have negligible effects, CPB was decent until S7 but it's worthless now. Viral Matrix is good for PvP, but it's not worthwhile for PvE. Tractor Beam Repulsors is sort of good, but it's so situational and has to be used so carefully that it's not really worth running. Tractor Beam is just pointless, there are never less than 2 targets that need to be slowed up in any STF.

So that's the rundown of all offensive sci powers. Your best bet is probably some combination of Gravity Well, Tyken's Rift, and Energy Siphon. The power draining of Energy Siphon is boosted by Flow Capacitors skill (Tyken's should be boosted as well, but I've heard that it isn't), the damage dealing of both Tyken's and Grav Well are boosted by Particle Generators skill, and the radius of GW is boosted by Graviton Generators skill.

As far as a ship choice, Fleet Recon Science is the best of the fleet sci ships (unless you want to be snarky and say that Fleet Advanced Escort is, since it can use GW and then do other stuff for everything else), but if you really want a good sci ship go for either the Vesta or the Temporal Sci ship, and I would argue that the Vesta is the better of the two thanks to its Aux DHCs, which allow for major energy weapon damage and max Aux power at the same time.

EDIT: Just realized I should have included links to the two resources I used in writing this, for all effects of skills on most abilities they affect and to see all abilities and skills and plan out a build. My own Aventine build is on the build share page there as Secura04, but I'm thinking of changing it up now that PSW has acquired another bug and putting in a second Siphon (not breaking tractor beams from large ships was bad, but now that damage doesn't seem to be scaling with Aux power...).

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