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03-17-2013, 11:29 PM
Actually there was a mixup.

Originally Posted by v4liance View Post
For a limited time, there is a chance to receive a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship or Lobi Crystals upon opening a Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack!

Click here to read more.

[UPDATE] Hey folks, looks like I made a mistake - Fleet Support Duty Officer Packs are not being discontinued after this promotion. Really sorry about any confusion!
Nothing is being discontinued.

And here, very bottom:

Revision: Previously, this article mentioned that the Fleet Support Duty Officer pack would only be on sale for a limited amount of time. This is not the case. While the Jem'Hadar ship promotion will only persist for a limited amount of time, the Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack will remain on sale after the promotion concludes.
The reason for the confusion is that in the past they offered a chance to get the Jem'hadar attack ship from a duty officer pack in the c-store and the doff pack was being discontinued and replaced (A "this is your last chance to get these doff packs" kinda thing). From the looks of things they are just promoting the chance to get the ship from a specific doff pack and nothing more. I'm guessing because of all the complaints of the Jem'hadar attack ship hangar pets that can only be equipped on the Jem'hadar dreadnaught but you must own both ships. (They even mention the hangar pets and the fact you have to own both ships in the promotion). The pets are in the game always but you can't even purchase them unless you own both the JHAS and Dreadnaught.

Guess they just wanted people to get more bug ships so they will shut up about the JHAS hangar pets, as it seems that despite the massive amount of complaints they aren't going to change anything any time soon. -.-*
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