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03-17-2013, 11:58 PM
Hey there,

I know you will defenetly get alot of posts from fleets, including myn, and hopefully in the end you find what your looking for. My fleet is a very active one, and we dont really consider ourselves a fleet, rather a family. We all work togeather and I can proudly say we enjoy each other greatly, and absoblutely no drama at all, which is great. Everyone in the fleet has a different play style and we dont look down at anyone. We accept everyone for whot hey are and how they enjoy the game.

We do offer fleet events, that if you wish to group up with members of the fleet we will gladly accept yeah, or if you rather just solo your stuff, thats fine too.

We do offer a fleet reward system for our fleet members, which most really like about the fleet. It allows members to actively donate to the starbase/embassy projects and not only help the fleet they so love but also be rewarded for their efforts. From markxii purple items to dof packs to even unique lock box ships, we truely value our members and strive to make them feel valued.

We arent a huge fleet by any means but we have it where it counts. If you would like to know more, contact me in game by mail to setup a chat, or just pm me directly at @xXLocutusXx. Hope to hear from you but I also hope that you find what your looking for.

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