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Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
I wonder Cornflakes aka the king's jester will delete my post.
He should actually.

If you are going about content, a mission takes about a month of Cryptic time according to TacoFangs I believe so you are talking about 2 years of nothing but KDF content, you think they can do that?

FE are cross-faction for a reason, asking to put everyone on hold as you get your "content" would lead to everyone else walking, not making a KDF character to see it.

Also I might be wearing my Fed badge but I say this, how many players replay missions? sure we replay when we want a item, such as the Prototype Gravitic Modulation Impulse Engines, but when the mission offers nothing but vendor trash? not really.

So 2 years for content its blown in a week or two never to be replayed again ...

Oh and lets not go over ships, I find that KDF have nice ship that are free as Fed pretty much have a lot of nice ships that are play, when I look at KDF shipyard I am not looking at the pay ships because they are meh, I am looking at the free ships that cost Dilithium ... oh and there are consoles, want me to run how superior they are to Fed consoles? I am not even saying that ... KDF players were when the whole "cross-faction console box" come about to complain how their good consoles were being give away and they got the rubbish Fed consoles in return.

You know what?

This isnt the KDF I wanted but the KDF you people seem to want is not it either ... unlike you people I dont have a problem with playing along the Federation solving similar issues, there are a lot of missions that could be adapted for the KDF side yet the demand of "unique content" that we all know its one week of play, never to be touched continues.

And yes, he is the Executive Producer and talks like a politician, on unrelated new bears **** in the woods and the Pope is catholic.