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Originally Posted by intrinsical View Post
I'm sorry, I just find the title for both your threads misleading because there's no way either ships will ever hit 10k dps in actual combat parses. At best your first ship would do around 4.5k dps, which is very decent for a science vessel with a hanger, but its no where close to 10k dps.
will load some screenshots then when I am home from work. though I dont think I still have parses for my previous build (tho will look for it).
this build gives a constant 8k even with bad pugs (I have found it more reliable in this than the otherone, as it was rly affected by bad pugs and could drop to 7k if a 900 dps supercruiser appeared)

edit: also, what is a dps by an escort with a sci or a tac, that is good dps, in your eyes? it might be simply just because we use different parsers, and you are used to different dps output

Originally Posted by startrekron View Post
Save yourself some cash and get MKXII Blue consoles instead, same stats and slightly cheaper.
they are the same as purple mk xi I say purple mk xi because its more universal (plus they look prettier, and the difference for the satisfaction of having purple and not blue items is like 2 mil EC alltogether, so it isnt that much)

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