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Originally Posted by tieberione View Post
Been using this for a bit, using hil's plugin, can you give a rundown of what EncDPS is by chance? Been able to figure out the numbers of everything else, just wondering if it's something simple I'm over-analyzing.
Both DPS and EncDPS are damage per second.
DPS: damage / duration of that row.
EncDPS: damage / duration of the encounter.

Take e a look at this encounter.

I suppressed on purpose the NPCs so they dont distract (this can be done in the options of this plugin), but it was an assimilated carrier encounter with a duration of 36 sec.

Player: Krokus
Damage: 433874
His duration in the encounter: 29 sec (he lost some time getting to the assimilated carrier).
DPS: 14510 ( = 433874/29)
EncDPS: 11985 ( = 433874/36)

Player: 3
Damage: 456806
His duration in the encounter: 34 sec.
DPS: 13126 ( = 456806/34)
EncDPS: 12618 (= 456806/36)

You will notice that when sorting the "EncDPS" column, it has the same graph than the "Damage" column. That is because the encounter duration is the same for everybody. And "DPS" column has a different graph because it doesnt depend on encounter duration, but the combatant duration, that is different for each player.

It is up to you which one is more important in each case (it depends on what you are looking for). For more information on this topic, this is the official faq.

EDIT: Note that here the divisions are not accurate because the computer also uses fractions of seconds.

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