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Originally Posted by genemorph View Post
Thanks guys. I'm unable to check this out at the moment as I spilt something on my laptop and now have to wait for a new keyboard.

This mission is set up badly. There is no mention that you are in a comet's tail or anything else. I previously did check the mission details here to make sure it wasn't part of the mission:

But as you can see there is nothing there about a comet, or anything denoting an unusual region of space.

I'll refer to the map when I get a chance to play again.

Cheers again guys.
you asumed it was broken because it looked different than other missions, so it must be set up badly. Don't you think this is a seriously arogant point of view?

i wonder what you will say about the liquid space missions...just a heads up...they are not broken.
And the missions inside the bajoran wormhole aren't broken either, there is nothing wrong with your grafics when inside there.
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