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03-18-2013, 05:51 AM
Thanks again for all the help.

I equipped the Armitage (Fed) and Bug (KDF) with more of a leaning towards PVP, i.e. CRF and APO where I was using CSV and APB before (for STFs).

Probably neither build is fantastic, especially as I am using weapons I already had but I have managed to get much more manoeuvrability from the ships using a higher engine power setting combined with rare Mk XII RCS.

I went in a match with a mate on Teamspeak. Really beneficial, even though he was using his Breen ESTF ship (set up just like mine ).

I have only played a few PVP since I last posted, with varied results but one question burns bright:

Shields! I was using 3 piece Assimilated Mk XI plus emitters/field generator. System works well and regenerates quickly - TSS2 and an aux battery is immense help. However, most advice I read is 2 part Borg plus a MACO/KHG shield. I have tried this in PVP and ESTF. All that happens is my shield gets fried and I cannot quickly repair it - this has lead to me being parked 15km from a tac cube on full aux whilst waiting, or being dead in PVP.
So, I have gone back to 3 part Borg and get the benefit of the shield heal and tractor beam again.

Am I missing the point somewhere?