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There are 2 ways to teleport the player to the nearest unlocked respawn point. One is via the teleport trick and the other is via killing him/her.

The only object which worked well with the teleport trick is the turbolift. Everything else is a hit and miss. You may be teleported, pushed aside, or trapped inside the object. Needless to say, that trapping the players will not help your ratings. Also the tick is one shot show and teleports the player only. The BOFFs stay behind.
I think the turbolift works well because it is very confined and inside out object and it confuses the hell out of the engine.
I think it's a variation of the pushing trick. If an object spawns on top of the player it will "push" the player out of the way. But, in this case it pushes the player into something else and panics.

In "The Beta Rana Incident", if you stand in the exact center of the crystal console before placing the data crystals it will teleport you. But... you have to stand in the EXACT center. If you don't it doesn't push you into one of the console peices, but off to the side a little.

Thus I think that it works well with the turbolift because there's nowhere else to push the player to.

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