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Originally Posted by akpa View Post
10k with that build? it's a little hard to belive.
anyway i think is much better to put the Starship Power Insulators skill and Starship Electro-Plasma Systems in the Starship Shield Emitters.
i don't understand why don't you use the vesta consoles? the emitter array and field generator consoles should be replaced with the universal vesta ones. i think a buble and aoe healing and some pushback ability is much better then some shields.
but if you want to use some consoles for shields go with the romulan ones (from the embassy) you can get some threat generate decrase or more plasma dmg; in additional you get shield or hull when you get dmg. the chance is like 2.5% with 10sec coldown
it deals that much. as I said 2k is from the scorpions, so the base ship deals around 7-8k dps, and if you look up, there are way better cruiser builds like that (and they are not even using the plasma buffs).
the dps rly comes from multiple places. the romulan stuff has the plasma and disruptor procs (plasma is not that much tho), it uses low weapon power (6 weapons, and the experimental beam, does not drain anything) and even that is reduced by constant auxtobat and weapons battery usages
and I am using the romulan sci consoles, but I did not see the opt in the skill planner

now that you mention it, electro plasma systems might need to be reduced too, as I needed them only with cannons, tho the points will go to threat control or graviton gens

edit: the vesta consoles: I dont like nor do I have them for me the pack only meant that I would pay 2,5k zen for two skins. the set bonuses are nice, but they just dont worth the loss of console spaces over. the one I have, the phaser beam is cool, but in the end a well placed iso charge will out dps it. combined with the aux cannons that beam is nice, but even then I would probably just feel it a waste of space
plus losing constant shield bonus over the shield bubble... no ty, even with decrease threat, I have to do loads of shield tanking. I might use the field generator for something that would increase my dps (probably another romulan sci console, or maybe the iso charge will return, tho the timer on it is a bit too long for that)

edit2: also worth noting, that I did not rly spam the FAW, because I usually pug, and if it cant do that much dmg in pugs, then its not worth uploading

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