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03-18-2013, 08:21 AM
Those Romulan plasmacrunchers can be incredibly annoying, and not all that hard to deal with.

The plasma torpedoes they shoot have a tendency to help you alot if u fly close to the romulan ships, they seem very weak to their own plasma burn.

When fighting them and get hurt alot, pack a engineering console to defend yourself.
Plasma Damage
Ablative <== most usefull early on, disruptor/phaser/plasma/tetryon
Tetraburnium <== most usefull for end story mission enemies, plasma/tetryon/polaron/antiproton
Electroceramic <== has the best defense against plasma & tetryon

those big nasty Dexies ... fly close to them and their own torps will hurt themselves more than they hurt you
When fighting anything that shoots plasma (romulan/undine/borg) Hazard Emitters are your best friend