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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
I dunno, from what I can see, one console only gives me about 1k more shields. Even if I got 2k from two consoles in total, I don't think it's going to help much if I'm already in trouble.
A single blue Mk XI Field Generator takes the shields on one of my guys from 9,149 to 10,332.

A single blue Mk XI Emitter Array does the following at 43/25 Aux:

EPtS1 1,424.2 to 1,542.4
ST1 2,136.4 to 2,313.6
TSS3 736.1/209.8 to 797.1/227.2
RSF3 177.3 to 192
MW3 4,747.5 to 5,142.2

@106/100 Aux:

TSS3 1,237.5/352.7 to 1,340.2/381.9

And that's just a blue Mk XI Emitter. I picture a pair of the Rom Emitters... /drool

edit: Btw, that's on a Chel Grett with a 1.0 Shield Modifier and using MACO Mk XII shields.
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