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03-18-2013, 11:43 AM
I'd have to disagree with the current love hate feelings toward current the current f2p model. I have a credit card, yet I can't punch in the numbers and buy a ship, or a character or anything.

What is with the idea that you have to buy some intermediary currency? Silly imo.

Also, I would pay for additional content, like SWTOR is selling their HUT cartel planet expansion. Because it simply is another part of the game that if you don't buy it, you don't have to play it, you can still play the core game. Then what happens? You get tired of the core game, break out the credit card, and buy more content. Access to New Romulus, a new ship. f2p is meant for those that don't have time to grind a hardcore game MMO that takes your life and a little bit of your money. Most of use would rather spend a little less life and pay a bit more money to move along in a game.

So sell me content, $10 for a Dominion Dreadnaught carrier - I'm there, because I like most gamers, do not have time to screw with keys and boxes and zen and dilithium, etc. Just take my money and let me play. I grind the character, you give me the toys for more money. Works for most of us, but they have yet to put it in to practice.

All the previous games I have played, most people including me just laugh at the intermediary currency and slight of hand exchange tricks, and never buy a thing - too complicated, too much time, etc.

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