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Originally Posted by lobesforbusiness View Post
There are FOUR lights!

Looking forward to my new blue officer...
Thanks for the great table, very useful!
We have a winner! And you all probably didn't even know a contest was afoot, didja!?! It was a super secret Easter Egg contest. Info can be found in the latest version of the Calc "hidden" in the release notes section of the About Tab that "no one" looks at. Heh. I had a similar one about this time last year (again, look back in those notes).

Congrats to Lobesforbusiness. It's especially cool that your first post on the forums was to win a prize. What is your @name in the game so I can mail you the Blue DOff? Also, what specialization (Geologist, Assault Squad Officer, etc.) would you prefer? No guarantees, but give me your top three, and I should be able to accommodate you.

Originally Posted by operations2000 View Post
...Is there a max power cap of 125 still?
Re-Skimmed the original post not sure if that was mentioned, or is still the case.
What happens if you spec beyond the max? ...
Yes, there is a hard cap of 125 per subsystem, and no it was not mentioned in the OP. How silly of me to be neglectful on that. I've updated the primer with that info. However, the Calc does lock in a max of 125 (It does show you by how much you're over, in parentheses). As far as I know, any power over 125 is lost. Using the Calc will help you keep from being wasteful and going over.

ETA: Some players report that "overcapping" does provide some buffer against things like Weapons Drain, but the results are inconclusive. Example discussion thread:

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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