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03-18-2013, 12:45 PM
Dude, I hate to break it to you, but Cryptic isn't the US government. The first amendment doesn't extend to private webforums, it's only to protect individuals against government censorship. The PWE forums are private property, and none of us has a right to post here.
Nope. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by law, provided it is not offensive or harassing in nature. Quoting someone is not a valid reason to 'warn' someone. Such an act is highly suspicious as to its real intent. To say nothing of the fact it can be viewed as harassment by various consumer protection laws. Customers have rights

The point is, its not ok to be doing things like that to anyone, especially when they are your customers. Thats the kind of thing companies get in trouble for. Intimidation tactics like that to shut people up are a big no-no

and by the way, cryptic doesn't own this forum, its licensed property from another company, and the internet is public. Even if they did, there are still rules about how you are allowed to treat customers

If you are going about content, a mission takes about a month of Cryptic time according to TacoFangs
so by that logic it took what? 60 months (you know, about 5 years) to create the missions that are currently in the game? I don't think so