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03-18-2013, 02:06 PM
*hits door on way in*
*swears at engineering crew that was supposed to fix door*
*forces door open and pauses, finds a seat, and sits down, removing MACO Operations helmet in the process*

Bloody engi... *mutters some profanity that is later struck from the record* Admiral Evance of the USS Noble Intent (Odyssey-Class Tactical Cruiser), however my flag currently resides on the USS Devastator (Imperial-class Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit). My apologies for my tardiness and the rather... bungled arrival. My task force was engaged just outside the Bajor system by a rather large and angry Terran Empire assault fleet while on route to Sol. They may have delayed my arrival, but they will not be bothering our shipping lanes or supply lines again.

You'll also have to forgive my appearance, I would be in uniform, but we were boarded and I had to assist with evicting the intruders from my ship, and my first officer insisted I use my full combat gear.

However, now that I am here, I would like to welcome Admiral Lee to the admiralty, and I would also like to compliment him on his already impressive array of Starships and his stellar service record. But I feel I must ask. Why have you retained command of your earlier ships? Regardless of how well they have served you, I think it would be better if they were returned to SCE for refurbishing and refitting and then redistributed among the newer Captains in Starfleet. I am mostly referring to the USS Traveler, USS Endymion, and USS Queen Serenity. After all, we are at war, and every ship not on the front lines is a ship that should be.
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