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03-18-2013, 02:24 PM
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ive made some kdf cruisers loaded with omega, and rom rep gear, and EWP 3 that can get over 2k dot a tic, before crit, i know all about how powerful plasma can be. ive taken a break from it because its too hax! but if they escape my plasma cloud, they just bought them selves a lot of time, and even if i burn them to death soon after, it would have taken about as much time as a more conventional attack on him would to finish him.
True. But, my fleet mate has a lot of movement control to help keep his target from getting away.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the best way to protect your shields anymore is proboly power insulator consoles, not field gens. glider seems to bypass your sky high resistance levels when it deals damage. regen consoles, with the resistance levels everyone has now, are proboly beter then raw capacity buffs. as long as you have about 10k capacity, which is plenty for spike soak.
Yep. Currently running a MK XI Power Insulator embassy sci console myself. I believe my power insulators are at 113 or something?

Sadly, it's difficult to get to 10k shields with the Elite Resilient shields on a Fleet Defiant. Even with the MACO, I would still need two Field Generators to close to 10k. I think they worth considering prior to their nerf last year, but now I don't bother. But, back then, you couldn't stack them.

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
A single blue Mk XI Field Generator takes the shields on one of my guys from 9,149 to 10,332.

A single blue Mk XI Emitter Array does the following at 43/25 Aux:

EPtS1 1,424.2 to 1,542.4
ST1 2,136.4 to 2,313.6
TSS3 736.1/209.8 to 797.1/227.2
RSF3 177.3 to 192
MW3 4,747.5 to 5,142.2

@106/100 Aux:

TSS3 1,237.5/352.7 to 1,340.2/381.9

And that's just a blue Mk XI Emitter. I picture a pair of the Rom Emitters... /drool

edit: Btw, that's on a Chel Grett with a 1.0 Shield Modifier and using MACO Mk XII shields.
I tried the MK X embassy console, but my power levels didn't increase my heals that much. I think my Aux power levels are 42/25. I opted for the Power Insulators console instead.

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I forget who exactly it is now, but there is one guy who is an absolute pain to kill in his Wells. He's sitting at something like 18k Fleet Shields.
I guess it's worth it in a Science or Cruiser. Just don't really see the benefits for Escorts.

On my Fleet Defiant, I run the Assimilated Module, RCS console, Tachyokinetic Converter, Embassy Power Insulator MK XI (with plasma DOT), and Cloak. That doesn't give me much room for to play with, so I would need Field Generators to do more for me to make me want to give up one of my consoles. I was really hoping there would be an Embassy Field Generator console, and might have considered that over the Power Insulator console.