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Originally Posted by wuusta View Post
Hello everyone! So the other day I was Pvping with my Scourge R. I was on a team with pretty good Klinks (A lot of battle cruisers and cruisers). And the Fed team was just horrible. But they had 2 Mobius Temporal Destroyers. And they were VERY GOOD players. I don't know how they did it, but they were almost impossible to destroy with their Adaptive Shields. When I get my Fleet Scourge R I want to play just like them. I know they probably have really high gear and doff's. But can you guys give me at least what you use in your build? Currently this is what I have in my Scourge R.

Dual Disruptor Heavy Cannons Mk XII [acc] [dmg] [CrtH] X3
Dual Distuptor Beam Bank Mk XII [acc]x2 [CrtD]
Fleet Disruptor Turret [Dmg]x3 [Acc] X3

Boff Abilities:
Tac: TT1, CRF1, APO1, APO3
Tac: TT1, CRF1, BO3
Eng: EPtS1, RSP1
Eng: EPtS1
Sci: PH1, HE2

Doff that decrease evasive maneuvers X3

Shield: Fleet Cov. Shield [Cap]x3 [ResX] The one with phaser res
Engine: Borg
Deflector: Borg

Tac: Disruptor weapon dmg increaser X4
Eng: RCS X3
Sci: Borg, Shield Regen Increaser

Power levels:
Noob PvP: 100/50/25/25
Normal PvP: 100/25/50/25
Elite PvP (Against stronger people) 75/25/75/25
PVE: 100/50/25/25

As you can see I have a pretty solid build. It works pretty well, not a lot of people can beat me in a 1 vs 1. Now I just need to perfect it. It seems compared to the elite escorts and tac's flying around, my damage is not enough, and I can't speed tank as good as them, or even res. tank. So what is it you guys are doing to become so powerful? Can you guys please give me an idea of your build or what you are really using to tank and do so much damage (Boff, Doff, Equipment, Power). And would of you guys mind explaining how the adaptive fleet shield works?Sometimes I see a disruptor adaptive shield with a number 10, what does that mean? And like I mentioned before, I'm getting a Fleet Scourge R. Any builds on that would be nice too! Thanks everyone!

looks like a solid build to me, its got all the important details, and the doffs are simple. remember that the fleet scorge has a sci ENS station though, its different from the retrofit for some reason.

hitting hard effectively i find takes timing and watching active buffs. if your fighting a target and he has his TT perfectly timed with your tac station cooldowns, your going to be there for a wile, beating on someone rotting through defenses can get you no were. i like to pick a target thats receiving no healer and attacker attention, and try to hit him with as strong an alpha as possible, and call him as a target at the same time. if your lucky 3 cannons will drop a shield facing in a single fireing cycle and you can land a BO or torp hit at that exact moment. with defense passives, actives and procs so strong, more then ever its how much damage you can do in the space of a second that gets kills now.
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