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Done at last! "Respondez s'il vous Plait" is based on Literary Challenge #9, Shore Leave, and, since Azera Xi's stories tend to be rather dark and focused on the Borg, this one breaks away to instead follow the rest of her bridge crew, with no mention of the Borg and Azera as a supporting character. It's a shame we're in the middle of March: just one month earlier and this could've been the Azera Xi Valentine's Day Special.
I really enjoyed this piece Absolutely, a very different tone than your recent entries, but the characterizations were all spot on and thoroughly engaging

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@marcusdkane: Some surprisingly mature marital issues presented, it's great to see Seven's return, and the Vulcan cultural touches are so authentic as to leave us humans feeling a little like outsiders. The climax is very exciting and cleverly resolved - and ha, there are sonic screwdrivers in the Federation according to Memory Alpha! You learn something new every day...
Thanks, I wanted to try and cover T'Marc and Sulak's issues in a way which were sensitive and realistic, but equally humorous I think my overall aim, was to have Selek as the main narrator, so that even during the flashbacks, it was his memories of Marcus, rather than Marcus' overtaking, and to have the cultural touches seem totally natural rather than exaggerated or forced ^_^ I figured any engineer worth his salt would have a sonic screwdriver to hand ^_^ (although Marcus would eventually meet with the 10th Doctor some years after that mission... )

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