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03-18-2013, 03:13 PM
Thought of some changes for my Masked Sig proposal. Any idea what else could make it good if they ever added something like this to the ship?

Caitian Masked Energy Signature:

+x% Cloak(same as lv 3?)
-15 all applicable energy? Since I based my ship on energy efficiency I dropped this a little to be nice.
+50% defense for 5-10 seconds after decloak
+Ability to use Hanger Bays cloaked!
- 100% time to launch from bays! (While activated)
+Ability to activate in combat!
-50% time to activate again?(This or the 10 seconds above. Not sure which one is better or more appropriate.)

How would that sound on an Admiral/Fleet Admiral lv Atrox Ability. Not sure if it should need a module slot or not. the thoron generator needs one so I guess it would be fair.

If you give it both -50% activation time and the 10 second +50% you could toggle on and off during combat to keep the bonus. Would make a very nice defense bonus for this ship type! Also an incentive to keep the Aux and 125 and not raise shields power at base.

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