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@marcusdkane: Finally got around to reading yours, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Aside from my surprise at certain cameo appearances, the pacing and action were both handled quite well. Though now, between your story and GulBerat's, you're making me imagine more and more what an assimilated Highlander-style immortal would be like...
Thank you Was it Seven's cameo which you mean? All I can do, is put my hands up and admit that it was a self-indulgence on my part to include her (and to have her wearing her original silver bodysuit... ) but I wanted to try and do so in as controlled way as possible

Ever since I first came up with the idea of Marcus being a Borg Specialist, I'd wondered what would have happened if the Borg tried to assimilate a Highlander immortal, and if the Quickening would allow them to suppress the nano-probes. Once Voyager introduced the idea that drones had a biological regenerative ability as well, I figured that they might instead only be 'slightly resistant' rather than immune, and that it would not surprise me if an immortal might not have been already assimilated at some point, and for the Quickening to be detectable to a Borg ocular implant, as well as to a Devidian's ability to detect neural energy.

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