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03-18-2013, 03:31 PM
I'm starting to wonder to myself if 'revamp' is necessarily the right word.

Consider this: if the exploration system had been receiving regular updates (a new mechanic here, a couple of new missions there), would it be in its current state? It's been three years; we could have had a lot of new stuff by now.

I mean, is there any particular reason that we couldn't get a foundry hook up right now (OK not literally 'right now', but soon), rather than in months or years? Make a special sub-foundry specifically for exploration missions, and add those to what's already there.

New dev crafted missions could be added as and when; they don't necessarily need to wait for some big update to all be put in at once. Perhaps sometimes, as new and improved content goes in, old content could come out; so that the new stuff isn't lost in the crowd.

If the exploration sectors themselves got a revamp, that wouldn't necessarily impact the content that can be found in them, would it? It didn't with the sector space revamps anyway. It could be done as a standalone thing.

They could perhaps even be used as a testing environment. Since typical exploration missions can simply be abandoned without consequence should something go wrong, it probably wouldn't break the game. People would be free to just give up and find a different mission to do.

This is just me wondering about stuff; but I guess there is a suggestion here.

Suggestion 14

Don't try to do everything at once. Tackling it as one big problem is just going to slow things down. Exploration has needed attention for quite a while; no need to wait for Season 10 or 11.

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