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03-18-2013, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by risian5 View Post
I reported the player, took a screenshot to have some evidence, but I guess nothing will be done. Has there actually been any feedback from the developers if they're going to do something about this?
That's just a common Farmer. It doesn't do any good to report them because they are just too common. Put them on ignore when you are irritated by one and you won't have to deal with him in an STF again.

Reporting people because they Farm or just do an STF wrong is a joke at best. What's needed is the Kick like what we used to have before STF's but if you kicked someone back then you had to go recruit another player. The current system works (Somewhat) if the rest of the team is good. When you have two or more Farmers or bad players or a bunch of Rainbow/Technicolor beam boats you're just SOL.