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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
All I see is another 'dead' race struggling to survive, an imminent civil war when Sela returns with a federation eager to be involved keeping the peace and a Klingon empire willing to use the conflict to strike back at their enemies. I can almost imagine the glorious day when we destroy Earth while the federation is too distracted by the romulans to defend their home.
I would have been done with it anyways if it werent for that fool J'mpok sending me to Mars instead.
ATM I'm actually more interested in crushing the Romulans, we can leave Earth alone for the time being seeing how the Feds. are all about peace and stuff, I don't see them as immediate threat.
Ofcourse if something like this happens:

Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
It seems to me our mission to escort the Romulan Emporer Sela to a peace summit is problematic at best.
then I'm game about attacking Earth, western U.S. to be more precise. For that Cryptic would have to pay!

BTW I see what you did there, tancrediiv!

Originally Posted by aurigas7 View Post
Romulans. Ah well. I think the House of Duras should negotiate an alliance with Sela. Romulan warbirds are the perfect addition to the fleet. They blend in way better than those non cloaky Orion or Gorn tincans. Plus they can add the science ships the fleet is lacking atm.
Oh, come on, I've been looking for a way to kill Sela ever since I joined STO. It's my single most hated character in the whole Trek universe.
I know that the Duras are nothing more than treacherous targs and J'mpok being their petaQ pawn, but if they allign the KDF with Sela, this is one warrior that will defect to Starfleet. I'm with anyone that goes after her, hell even the Ferengi if they're up for it!
But really, if Sela becomes ally of the KDF it is game over for me on the red side, I'll wake up my Andorian and go blue. I couldn't bare working or cooperating with Sela.
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