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03-18-2013, 05:54 PM
I just did a KASE where I blew up the 4 generators, Cube, and transformer on the one side of one gate while another person was working solo on the other side (and had already spawned their cube before I did mine).

By the time I finished killing the one transformer, one of the people doing probes had already let 2 through. Oh well, it's a pug, so I don't get the optional. I don't get mad or anything over that. And, as none of the other transformers have been blown up, I figure we don't really have the dps to make the timer anyway.

So, I head over to the other side, which still has two transformer up, to help out. By this point in time, one of the people on that side have moved over, so I'm on the side with 2 live transformers, the probe killer for that side, and me, that's it. The other 3 are over on the side with just 1 transformer left. The probe killer and I manage to take out both transformers. I glance over at the other side, which still has 3 people on it, so I figure they're good and start firing at the gate. The gate's down to 50%, I look over, and there's still 3 people on that side, and the one transformer that I didn't kill on that side is STILL UP.

The run took 45 minutes.

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(And to the third person, Technicolor beams aren't appreciated...)
Seeing as how I can generally out dps the average random pugs in elite STFs even when I'm in my Galaxy-R cruiser, I'm sorely tempted to put together a ship with as many different color beams as possible, but do everything else right.

Alas, the main thing stopping me is that I'm sure people would call me a noob anyway, even though I'd most likely be out dpsing them, and definitely contributing my fair share, and it isn't exactly easy to take screenshots of ACT combat parses, upload them, link them in chat, and get them to look at it, all before the party breaks up after the STF ends. :p
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