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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
I really enjoyed this piece Absolutely, a very different tone than your recent entries, but the characterizations were all spot on and thoroughly engaging :-)
Thanks! Since the last few stories had been so dark and focused on the Borg, I wanted to give the crew a chance to relax and just have a "day in the life" story where we can get to know them better. Corspa in particular really came to life for me as I wrote her: she's so much the team mom of the group that seeing both her proud and vulnerable side added more to her character than I'd ever planned. And poor Azera will get a happy ending, even if she's starting to seem like the Charlie Brown of starship captains...

Thanks, I wanted to try and cover T'Marc and Sulak's issues in a way which were sensitive and realistic, but equally humorous :-) I think my overall aim, was to have Selek as the main narrator, so that even during the flashbacks, it was his memories of Marcus, rather than Marcus' overtaking, and to have the cultural touches seem totally natural rather than exaggerated or forced ^_^ I figured any engineer worth his salt would have a sonic screwdriver to hand ^_^ (although Marcus would eventually meet with the 10th Doctor some years after that mission... )
Oh, you succeeded! I was a little startled just because those aren't topics you usually see in Trek - it's a bit like if HBO got the rights to the next series (in a good way!). The Vulcan references work very well: it does feel like we're listening on a conversation between two people naturally immersed in that culture, and even if we don't get all the references, the conversation carries us along and still makes sense. That's always a tricky thing in writing for an alien culture, balancing between the extremes of the characters seeming nonsensical or constantly stopping and explaining themselves to nobody in particular, and you pull it off well. And Highlander, Star Trek and Doctor Who all in one setting? Either the universe is in very good hands, or it's completely doomed... with the Doctor, you can never quite be sure which way it'll go.

More stories read!

@ironpheonix113: Two LC's for the price of one! I liked it, it's a very poetic and subdued story. The quiet contrast of past and present during the final tour of the old ship's especially poignant, and it builds to an understated but uplifting last line from Bryan. I'll have to hunt down some more of your stories, since the idea of the ship's AI being a character is intriguing...

@ambassadormolari: Another haunting and atmospheric story, and this one ends on a very grim note. The wormhole the Da Vinci encounters is beautifully described, and I like the way the story of what happened to Nar-Etulis is slowly built up for the reader despite the characters knowing it, alongside the mystery of what happened to it in the mirror universe. Very well done!

@khayuung: A very poetic opening, and an intriguing setup. The crowd demands more!

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