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03-18-2013, 07:52 PM
Commander Tyberius Lancaster ((USS FREEDOM - NCC 76500 - Excalibur Class) 5th Fleet - 8th Wing - 3rd Squadron)

Greeting all, I noticed the conversation in here and wanted to submit my thoughts. Please excuse my interruption, I mean no disrespect....

Sir, it is my opinion that you have the wrong type of ships for your specialization.

(I made the mistake myself, my first characters were tacs, but I figured out I was better as an eng.)

You are running a fleet of cruisers, good for absorbing damage and holding the floor in a fight. These ships make good for an Engineer. Tactical officers specialize in putting damage on station and pushing as much firepower as they can bolster. For this, you need escorts. They are don't hold well under fire but they will make your enemies feel the pain.

I suggest either, switching ships to escorts as you can, or find a way to balance a bit of the 2. The Galaxy Class Refit, Dreadnought, is a good ship to balance high firepower with survival. I didn't hear in the conversation which of the 2 types you wish to take up, so I thought I would mention.

(Personally, If these are the types of ship you like, I would recommend restarting your character as an Engineer. If not, with about a week worth of work you can replace all your current ships with their escort variants.)

You can only decide what you wish to do, but I will always be willing to present choices.