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03-18-2013, 07:56 PM
Its easy,
everyone stay at distance, start on the left side, pull one cube and its cube by attacking one sphere.
Let them come to you a bit, then take them out, spheres first, cube 2nd. Repeat with all the other cube/sphere groups. Important to only aggro one such group at a time.
Ones those are out of the way. Start with the b'gers, stay at max range, and unload. Again target only one of them at a time. Shot down the big balls of plasma death. Repeat with the 2nd b'ger.
Queen moves more and hunts you down somewhat. Stay outside of 5km of her. Takes a bit of pounding.

Key is fire and target disciple. Keep your scatter, spreads, fire at will and pets under control to not over aggro the borg you don't want to engage yet.

That is all there us to it.