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Originally Posted by bublawek View Post
I need a walk thru on the Hive Onslaught STF.

I am not finding one on wiki or in the forums.

I haven't been able to complete it on elite with any teams.

Thanks for any help.
Stage 1: Tactical Cube x6
For this stage pull the cubes back to the USS Houston... it WILL tank them... however the spheres will still be your own problem to deal with. Easy enough just don't pull too many spheres at a time... so only 1-3 cubes tops depending how well geared your team is.

Stage 2: Command Ships x2
For this stage I recommend you do the following: Take only only 1 ship at a time... get 2 of your Team on one end of the ship and 3 on the other trying to balance DPS somewhat if you can figure that out. Be about 9.5KM from the end of the ship and you shouldn't get hit by superlazerz or energy balls. Use AoE attacks like Fire at Will, Scatter Volley, and Torpedo Spread to assure energy balls and regen probes die the moment they come out of those command ships. This method works without fail every time I've done it and nobody usually dies unless they're captaining a flying coffin such as a poorly set up Bird of Prey. Repeat for the other Command Ship. and voila... stage 3 is you.

Stage 3: The Queen's Diamond
This stage is kind of a crazy stage... she'll switch targets like you won't believe. Under no circumstances should you get within 5 KM of her or you WILL likely just die. She has an "I win button" she can use at 5KM or less. I like staying about 8-9KM away for good measure. If she's on you... RUN AWAY. Don't think you can DPS and survive at the same time... odds are you can't. You running away gives your other team mates free reign over her backside to do some damage, and she can really move it so Emergency to Engines or Evasive Maneuvers are a good idea here. She will occasionally kill someone from 8KM+ away from her... it's bullcrap. but get used to it, it happens. Do this though and you will easily conquer the queen. It may be a loooooooong fight based on your team's DPS... lowest kill time on queen for my fleet group....4 mins or so. Longest.... ehhhhhh 15 mins.