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03-18-2013, 09:01 PM

Regent Assault Cruiser

I am a Tactical Officer. I have found flying what are ostensibly the 'Engineer' classes of ships with a tactical skillset is diverse enough to be a real value in the dps department, if only in bursts, while still tanking.

I run the Breen Mk XI Absolute Zero set.

Fore: 3x Fleet Mk XII phaser arrays, all +2 crit chance. Wide angle quantum torpedoes

Aft: 3x Fleet Mk XII phaser arrays, all +2 crit chance. Mk XI quantum torpedoes

All of my doffs reduce skill recharge time.

All of my consoles are phaser and beam weapon buffs with a quantum buff and a shield recharge buff. All Mk XI of varying colours. I use the borg uni console for resistance.

I used both Riker and Picard maneuvers for a while, but teleport seems kind of useless for a tank and the metreon gas got nerfed to the point of uselessness. Although it was something to behold before that.

Most of my skills are damage buffs. Alpha pattern and tac team being good ones. Fire at will and torpedo spread with siphon and engineering boarding party will kill any ship I've encountered. Along with whatever else is in the vicinity. Exchange the boarding party with an aceton beam and it will demolish a squad of Bird of Prey with a couple of Raptors. Destroy them. In one fly by. THAT is why I play this game.