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# 1780 Worst STF that I can recall
03-18-2013, 08:04 PM
Worst STF in that I can clearly recall, was a PuG (Pick up Group) run when the private channel I was in was a bit lacking in groups. I was in a Khitomer Space Elite, in my Caitian Carrier, I went left probes after the tactical cube. Two of the players in the match flew off to right side after the tactical cube, and past the gate, to float out in the middle of nowhere, apparantly claiming that they were in TeamSpeak during a scheduled fleet meeting, and needed to focus on that, and they didn't want to quit the STF because they wouldn't get credit for doing it. The other two in the group went to the same side as myself, and started on the left generators. When it was apparant that the formerly mentioned two were practically afk, one of the two on the left side went to guard right side probes, but at that point we lost the optional. The one who stayed on generators started swearing, threatening to report us all, whined about how we 're going to lose, and rage quit. Following this, the guy on right side probes decided to just let them to the portal, and after 6 or 7 more passed through, the two afk guys started complaining that we were screwing up, and ruining the game for THEM, and costing them not only the optional, but the marks and processors if the game ended prematurely. Shorting after their whining, the game ended in a mission failure. I remember this so vividly because it is the only time that I've been in a failed Khitomer Space. I was personally in a Heal/CC build, so I could hold back probes, and I was relying on my Fighters for dps. I know I wasn't gonna handle probes and generators, so I settled for the loss.