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@ironpheonix113: Two LC's for the price of one! I liked it, it's a very poetic and subdued story. The quiet contrast of past and present during the final tour of the old ship's especially poignant, and it builds to an understated but uplifting last line from Bryan. I'll have to hunt down some more of your stories, since the idea of the ship's AI being a character is intriguing...
Thanks! I was really going for a more subtle and thought-provoking piece than what I usually write, which I guess I succeeded at doing from what you and others have said.. The part where Bryan is touring his old ship is, in my opinion, the best work I've done yet in these LC's. One reason I included a sentient AI as a character is I wanted to explore something that had never really been done in Star Trek. While TOS did have the M5, I'm not sure if I would count that as a sentient...entity, given that it was still heavily based off of another person. The the idea I've tried to convey for Athena is that she is her own perosn, with her own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and reactions. Where I got the inspiration for the idea was Andromeda and EDI from the Mass Effect series. Plus, the generic computers in ST can be pretty boring at times.
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